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A professional speechwriter will help you to shine on your special day.

Do you struggle to know where to start writing a speech? What to include? And in what order? What to leave out? How long or short your speech should be?

Relax, I can help you to feel confident about the speech component of your special celebration and that’s because I’ve written lots of speeches for people just like you, who need help with finding the right words.

Most people dread public speaking. They’re likely to behave like an ostrich and often wait until the last minute, when, overcome with panic, they desperately search online to find a professional speechwriter. Don’t fall into this category! I am more likely to be available to help you to create a great speech if you can give me some reasonable advance notice.

Whether it’s a major birthday, a wedding or some other special personal event your speech should ideally include:

  • A beginning, a middle and an end.
  • Generous thanks, acknowledgements and welcomes.
  • Toasts to key people if appropriate.
  • A few entertaining and engaging anecdotes.
  • Reference to the pleasure and pride that you feel about the event.

And of course, it shouldn’t be too long!

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Writing a wedding speech

I was asked to write a father-of-the-bride speech for a client whose daughter was getting married in Sydney. The pressure was on for my Kiwi client, a modest, low-key sort of man, who was determined to rise to the challenge he had been set. He would be delivering a key speech on a momentous occasion to a bunch of mainly strangers and doing it in a different country.

A big ask? No. Fortunately he made the wise decision to enlist the help of a professional speech writer. And this was where I came into the picture. Read more

Be yourself when delivering a speech

A client requested that I write him a funny speech for his son’s wedding. My first question – was he naturally a funny guy? He admitted he wasn’t.

So why aim for funny, I asked him, why risk making a fool of himself trying to project a persona that didn’t accurately reflect the type of person he was?

Very few people are naturally funny. Someone who tries hard to be funny and fails to hit the mark can quickly come to grief. Read more

"Thanks to Sue's expert guidance, I had a speech that I could confidently deliver at my big event. She helped me to establish the appropriate tone of voice for the occasion and was refreshingly frank with me if I went off track. It was a fascinating and educative process."

Richard Seton
(special event speech)

“I found your service to be very beneficial – prompt, professional and efficient and you clearly are able to get your head around what is required. I would recommend you.”

Jonno Webber
Director, JR Contracting
(wedding & 40th birthday speeches)