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If you’re in the market for a speech for any occasion, whether it’s to acknowledge and celebrate a personal milestone or to educate and inform a business audience, you'll get a better result from a professional speechwriter. I can help you to craft a speech that will win hearts and minds.

Most people dread making speeches, for all kinds of perfectly understandable reasons. Yet sometimes we simply must get up and make a speech. And we need to be willing and prepared when we do. Not all of us have the skills to organise our thoughts spontaneously and deliver a coherent well-structured speech, even for a few minutes. We are not all naturally articulate. But anyone can learn to make a simple speech and deliver it with sincerity and aplomb, maybe even with humour.

Using a professional speechwriter can make the difference between delivering a boring speech that your audience longs to be over and one that is captivating and says all the right things, making everyone feel good afterwards.

I will source the key information from you, identify any gaps and provide a structure to craft a speech that will be entertaining, meaningful and informative and in the right tone of voice that reflects your personality and is pitched appropriately to suit the type of event and audience.

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Ten tips for preparing your speech

The first thing to decide once you know a speech is required is whether you have the time or the expertise to write it yourself. Or will you get a better result and meet your deadline if you commission a professional to write the speech for you? If you are only required to deliver a three-minute informal speech to people who know you well, your decision may well be to wing it with a set of bullet points on a prompt card, rather than laboriously writing out every word. However, if you need to write a keynote speech or a 20-30-minute speech, chances are you’ll need professional assistance. Read more

Delivering your speech

OK, you’ve written your speech or received it from your speechwriter, now what? Here are some key points that will apply whether you’re using prompt cards or reading from a prepared speech. Read more


“Sue was fantastic to work with. Not only was she able to put together the prefect speech for my audience, she gave me a fantastic introduction to the art of speechwriting. She really is a true professional and offers a high-level personal service.”

Jason White, Financial Consultant & Director, Farrington & White Ltd (political speech)

"Working with Sue was fantastic. She managed to take all of my random thoughts and create a coherent and relevant speech. I would highly recommend her."
Greg Page