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Four ways to be a Woman

(A novel published in NZ, Australia and UK)
‘A wry, lively and thoroughly readable novel that charts the angst, laughter and despair of four very different, almost-40 Kiwi women who’ve remained close friends since leaving their convent school . . . Sue Reidy captures perfectly the self-flagellating internal monologue of the modern woman. These characters are in constant and amusing debate with themselves over the gap between how they ought to be and how they are.’ Evening Post

‘Reidy breathes life into her characters’ angst, self-loathing and guilt with some wonderful crackling dialogue – she has a delicious gift for conversation that would lend itself equally well to writing for theatre or television.’ The Listener

‘Humorous, moving and hard to put down, the novel tackles serious issues – sex, love, death.’ Grace

‘Building on the international success of her previous novel The Visitation, Reidy lays bare the middle-aged angst of four female friends . . . A thought-provoking novel with a dash of humour.’ Good Book Guide, UK

The Visitation

(A novel published in NZ, Australia, USA, UK and Germany)
‘A wickedly funny, laugh-out loud first novel from Reidy about two young sisters struggling against the strictures of Catholicism . . . An offbeat, surprisingly entertaining look at Catholic girlhood, by a writer with a predator’s eye for comic detail.’ Kirkus Reviews, US

‘Reidy’s joie de vivre and infectious sense of humour keep her portrait of Catholic childhood at once funny, affectionate and eminently entertaining.’ Publisher’s Weekly, US

‘Rollickingly funny in parts; the novel is also a deeply serious look at the fraught journey to self-knowledge, teen sexual experimentation, and the spiritual lives of girls and women.’ Library Journal, US

A dark, delicious comedy of sex, religion and growing up in 60s New Zealand . . . This gem of a first novel hits adolescence right on the rebellious tousled head.’ She, UK


(A collection of short stories published by Penguin Books NZ)
‘From the outset, this marvellous new writer establishes a subtle, powerful ambience which is all her own. Joie de vivre and ominousness join hands and run together through a sunny meadow pockmarked with ghastly hidden crevasses . . . A strong moral thread runs though all her stories, an unspoken exhortation to be aware of our actions, for there is no escaping the consequences of them.’ Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

‘Throughout the collection, Reidy’s writing is always vividly observant and her technique is very assured. She is an exciting and impressive new writer whose talent seems to have emerged fully matured.’ North & South

‘Reidy’s skill at presenting luxurious sensation and the graphic relish for voyeuristic detail allow her to render the kinetic hustle and bustle of Asian cities more effectively than maybe any New Zealand writer since Robin Hyde.’ David Eggleton