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Improve the quality of your non-fiction manuscript

Non-fiction manuscript critiquing

I assist non-fiction authors who have written books on general topics for a non-academic audience to improve the quality of their manuscripts – memoirs, self-help, health and wellbeing. My aim is to help you to make your book the best it can be.

My book consulting can include feedback and recommendations about:

  • Originality of the idea
  • Your level of knowledge about the topic
  • Your ability to convey the concept succinctly
  • Quality of the writing
  • Hierarchy of information
  • Logical flow of information
  • Overall structure/ways of restructuring
  • Overall readability & accessibility
  • Chapter titles
  • Book title & sub-title
  • Content list
  • Tone of voice – is writing style fresh?
  • Areas where my interest flagged
  • Identified gaps or repetition
  • Any unsubstantiated claims
  • Attention to detail
  • Use of case studies, testimonials, quotes
  • Introduction of subtitles if appropriate
  • MS presentation – quality of author self-editing
  • Formatting issues
  • Consistency issues
  • Target readership
  • Where your book fits in the market
  • Target publishers

I can also offer an overall manuscript assessment, and copy editing if required.

manuscript critique

“Excellent. Ten out of ten for your report. I wasn't surprised by any of your critiques and recommendations. They were first-class. It took three readings of the report to absorb all of your advice. I'm sure that I can now work through any shortcomings and will act on your recommendations.”
John Harnett (general adult fiction)

“I found your report helpful for showing me how to strengthen my characters and how to foreshadow events. It gave me an understanding of why and where the story needed more depth. The manuscript hand notes you also provided were a plus.”
Sue Singleton (historical novel)