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Formatting requirements

Please post me a hard copy and also email an electronic file. Following your acceptance of my quote please ensure that your manuscript is formatted as follows before sending it to me:

  • Use standard margins
  • Type must be aligned left and ragged right – NOT justified
  • Paragraphs must be indented (or, alternatively, leave a space between paragraphs
    and don't indent). Be consistent whichever style you choose.
  • Pages numbered at the bottom alongside the title and author’s name
  • Divided into chapters (start each new chapter on a new page)
  • Do not indent the first line of each new section or new chapter
  • Type size – 12 pt
  • Font – Times Roman – not in bold or italic
  • Single letter space between each sentence. Be consistent.
  • Print one side of the page only, not double sided.
  • Line spacing – 1.5 or double line spacing
  • Pages, loose, not stapled or bound
  • You MUST run spellcheck through the document before printing it out.
  • (Standard English spelling, not US, please, unless you are an American client.)
  • Include your full contact details on the cover page of your manuscript.

Postal instructions

courier_bag.JPGNew Zealand clients

Following your acceptance of my quote please post your manuscript to:
PO Box 47366, Ponsonby
Auckland 1144

If you wish to have your MS returned to you, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with the manuscript. 

Non-New Zealand clients

Following your acceptance of my quote please email your manuscript to: sue@suereidy.co.nz

An extra charge will be incurred if I have to print out the manuscript.

I'll confirm by email when I've received your manuscript and estimate the timing for the delivery of my report. It's generally four weeks.

"Many, many thanks for the work you have done on my manuscript. I do recognise the need for “signposts” and the translation of certain descriptive areas into dialogue and I understand the concept of showing not telling. I will certainly work on the manuscript, adhering to your guidelines. Again Sue, I thank you. You have given me what I required to upgrade and bring some sparkle into this work."

Jenny Hunt (memoir)

"Your report is very helpful to me. You have given me some very positive feedback which I found reaffirming and genuine, but also important and valid points about the characters and pace to think about and to improve."

Annie Rehmann (general adult fiction)