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Formatting requirements

Following your acceptance of my cost estimate please ensure that your manuscript
is formatted as follows before sending it to me:

  • Use standard margins
  • Type must be aligned left and ragged right – NOT justified
  • Paragraphs indented (or, alternatively, leave a space between paragraphs
    and don't indent)
  • Pages numbered at the bottom alongside the title and author’s name
  • Divided into chapters (start each new chapter on a new page)
  • Type size – minimum size 12 pt
  • Font – Times Roman – not in bold or italic
  • Printed one side of the page
  • Line spacing – 1.5 or double line spacing
  • Pages, loose, not stapled or bound
  • You MUST run spellcheck through the document before printing it out.
  • (Standard English spelling, not US, please, unless you are an American client.)

Postal instructions

courier_bag.JPGNew Zealand clients

Following your acceptance of my cost estimate please post your manuscript to:
PO Box 47366, Ponsonby
Auckland 1144

If you have selected the quoted optional extra of hand notes on the hard copy to accompany an assessment, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope so that I can return the annotated manuscript. 

Non-New Zealand clients

Following your acceptance of my cost estimate please email your manuscript to: sue@suereidy.co.nz

I'll confirm by email when I've received your manuscript and estimate the timing for the delivery of my report.

"Many, many thanks for the work you have done on my manuscript. I do recognise the need for “signposts” and the translation of certain descriptive areas into dialogue and I understand the concept of showing not telling. I will certainly work on the manuscript, adhering to your guidelines. Again Sue, I thank you. You have given me what I required to upgrade and bring some sparkle into this work."

Jenny Hunt (memoir)

"Your report is very helpful to me. You have given me some very positive feedback which I found reaffirming and genuine, but also important and valid points about the characters and pace to think about and to improve."

Annie Rehmann (general adult fiction)