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Capture your visual concepts in words

If you’re an artist who struggles to articulate the essence of their work in words, then you need to enlist the assistance of a professional writer. I am a practising artist myself, and familiar with the requirements and expectations of the art world. I can help you to effectively convey your career highlights and articulate the themes in your work to inform people – galleries, arts institutions, potential buyers and awards judges about your art and your practice.

An artist statement is essential for any practising and/or exhibiting artist. It’s a means of succinctly introducing your work and its themes and materials to your target audience. It will explain the background to your work, why you make it and what inspires and motivates you. It should inform and intrigue the reader, conveying the flavour of your art, but not overwhelm the reader with too much extraneous detail.

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Summarise your achievements as an artist

If you're an exhibiting artist, you'll need a concise summary of your career as an artist, your education, experience, philosophy, career highlights and key influences.

I can help you to pull together this information to create a document that can then be reused and adapted to suit the situation.


'Playful Curiosity Eliminates Rigidity'
Acrylics on canvas, 90 x 90cm
Finalist in 2015 Walker & Hall Art Awards
Artist: Sue Reidy


'Cultivating the Opposite'
Acrylics on canvas, 90 x 75cm
Finalist in 2014 Wallace Art Awards
Artist: Sue Reidy