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“Your assessment is exactly what I need to improve the manuscript and take my writing to the next level. It is indeed a ‘road map’ and an excellent one too. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to break down the problem areas and detail the way forward. And the annotated manuscript notes are solid gold. Thanks, once again, for the outstanding service. I will not hesitate to recommend you.” 
Victor Nikitin 
(crime novel)



Professional manuscript assessing - constructive, honest feedback about your manuscript

My manuscript assessments provide authors (often first-time writers) with detailed, honest and constructive advice about how to revise and improve the standard of their writing to make it as polished as possible to enhance their chances of being published and read.

If you are not sufficiently experienced as a writer to optimise this advice in your revising, you will learn how to become a better writer and gain more understanding about what constitutes a pre-publication and pre-editing writing standard.

The manuscript assessment service I provide is confidential, constructive and respectful.

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  • Adult fiction (literary, commercial, historical, crime)
  • Young adult fiction (realism, historical, fantasy, dystopian)
  • Intermediate fiction (realism, historical, fantasy, dystopian)
  • Memoir
  • Personal development

I read widely in the categories and genres in which I critique and have an appreciation of the expectations of their target readership.
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I do not provide assessments of non-fiction works of history, biography or books about contemporary issues or politics. If you have written a book in any of these areas I recommend that you approach my colleague Geoff Walker, book consultant, assessor and editor, former publishing director of Penguin Books NZ, and a current commissioning editor for BWB Texts. He specialises in non-fiction.
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“I was impressed by Sue's efficiency and the speed with which she produced a deep assessment of my work. The insight and guidance she provided were truly invaluable and gave me a whole new approach to my story. She opened a veritable can of worms, unpleasant, hard work, soul searching, but necessary. And she did it with sensitivity, especially considering the subject matter. Sue's hand notes on the hard copy of my manuscript targeted the areas requiring work. These too were exceedingly helpful.”

Elly Intra (memoir)

"Your reader’s report opened up the manuscript again for me and breathed new life into it. It was very helpful to have the manuscript’s faults pointed out in a professional and clear way. I knew in my gut that there were aspects that weren’t working but I couldn’t see how to change them. Now I can. I also found I find your notes on the hard-copy very helpful, and reassuring."

Tess Redgrave
(adult historical novel) 

"I found my first report from you (and the line-for-line editing) on my first YA novel extremely helpful, and the second report just as helpful. I have used a number of NZSA assessors over my eight-year writing career. The reports I received from you are the best and most comprehensive assessments of all. If I should need another assessment on any book I write, I would definitely approach you first. I consider myself privileged that you have enough faith in me as a writer to agree to work with me, and do so in such a professional and constructive way. The most useful thing in your reports, is not just identifying the problems or weaknesses in my manuscript, but showing and explaining (in detail) HOW to fix them. Your positive approach to the report was also helpful."

Marion Day (Teen realistic fiction)